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Photos Of Your Soldier – Basic Training

Photo By: U.S. Army

There are several places you could find pictures of your soldier during training.

1. Reception Company FaceBook Page

Normally posted just before they ship to their training companies, 7 – 10 days after arrival at Basic. Not all companies post.

2. Company FaceBook Pages

Most training companies have pages and may post pics as their time allows. Keep in mind these pics are taken during their training by their DS.  Normally takes about 2 weeks before they post. You must know your soldier’s company to find the company page.

3. Activity Photos

These photos are taken by a contracted photography company.  They are typically updated every other week. It could take 3 weeks for a new company’s pics to show.  Keep in mind that these pics are for the BCT portion of training only!  Go to the link and pick your company without a date beside in the drop-down menu.  The photo files will come up for each activity.

4. Official ACU Photo

These pics are taken of your soldier in reception wearing their Army Combat Uniform (ACUs).  Your soldier will have an option to purchase a portrait package.  Closer to graduation, families can order packages.  These photos cannot be viewed online.

5. Official ASU Photos 

These pics are taken before graduation for some companies.  On occasion, other Photography Studios may take them if many companies are graduating the same day.


More photo information: Activity Photos.

We will survive Basic Training.


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