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Melina –

Welcome to Army Mom Strong!  Here you will find the resources you need to help yourself and your child learn the things needed to survive and thrive in the Army.

When my son first joined the Army in 2016 I was totally lost and felt so alone.  I kept turning towards social media to help find answers for my questions.  However, I was faced with resistance and told that I couldn’t share the information I was learning with others unless they were a part of this group or that group.

Here at Army Mom Strong you do not need to be a part of any group to get the information you so desperately need.  Here we are focusing on helping every individual possible learn about the Army life and how to transverse through the unknown as a parent.

If you are a new parent of a soldier or have many children and family members who have been in the service we have the information that you need.  We are here to help.

Together we can get through anything!

We are the Army Mom Tribe!

<3, Melina




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